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Pumice-Crete® Structures

cured pumice-crete

ABOVE: Poured and cured pumice-crete wall. BELOW: Pumice-crete closeup detailing the insulative, airy character of cured pumice-crete, complementing the foamed-stone nature of the pumice aggregate itself.

cured pumice-crete closeup framework for a pumice-crete pour

Framework for a pumice-crete pour.

finished pumice-crete weigh house

Pumice-crete truck scales office finished with breathable lime plaster, cast stone veneer, and a metal roof.

ALTHOUGH CONCRETE is an incredibly versatile construction material, it’s primarily known for its heavy-duty, cold-grey utilitarian role.

Pumice-Crete® FAQs

What are the benefits of Pumice-Crete construction over the common stick-built approach?

What is the cured strength of Pumice-Crete?

What is the weight of wet and cured Pumice-Crete?

What about structural steel reinforcement?

What kinds of roof systems can be used with Pumice-Crete walls?

What special considerations are necessary to use Pumice-Crete?

Where can I find additional information and expertise on building with Pumice-Crete?


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