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Precast Concrete Products

assembling precast concrete panels

ABOVE: One of the major costs to precast concrete panel construction is shipping weight. Lightweight aggregates can help ease the load. BELOW: Lightweight cast stone and brick veneers are incredibly realistic, quick to install, and require no weight-bearing ledge.

cast stone veneer concrete canoes raced by university students

Building (and racing) canoes made from concrete is a multi-disciplined engineering feat. Sponsored by the ASCA, the annual concrete canoe competition is designed to challenge and engage university and high-school-aged students. Hess supplies lightweight pumice aggregate and pozzolan to many of the teams. (U.S. Air Force Photo)

PRECAST CONCRETE products fill a wide range of infrastructure, structure and decorative needs, from bridge sections to tilt-up walls to fence panels to decorative cast-stone veneers and statuary. Modern mold material tech allows for an incredible mimicry of detail. Permanent dyes and skillful coloring techniques add to the real-thing feel. The level of quality control in precast manufacture is impressive, but there is nothing lightweight about sand-and-gravel concrete. In the precast industry, that weight can carry a significant penalty, especially when shipping expenses, the needed engineered support structure, and on-site handling costs are taken into consideration. Less weight also means opportunities for larger pieces, which translates into reduced mold costs, fewer joints, and faster assembly.

01—For details on pumice concrete mix designs, download the PDF: Mix Designs for Pumice Concrete. Also see the PDFs: Properties of Hess Pumice Aggregates and Mixing and Placing Pumice Concrete.

02—For more on the topic, see Pumice and Roman Concrete.

Precast Decorative Concrete Products

Because decorative cast-stone veneer products are easy to install, long-lived, and realistically colored and detailed, they are an increasingly popular choice for an classic and appealing wall finish. Mold shapes and face-color detail can successfully mimic natural quarried stone in all its vast variety because various pumice aggregate grades can be blended to meet the detail demands of any mold. As for color, the pumice from the Hess deposit is the whitest pumice available commercially (GE brightness of 84).


—Download a Summary of the Pumice Pozzolan Research (including the effectiveness of pumice pozzolan to flatline ASR) from the University of Texas-Austin and the University of Utah.

—Download PDF: Instructions for Mixing and Placing Pumice Concrete.

—Download PDF: Pumice Concrete Mix Designs.

—Download PDF: Properties of Hess Pumice Aggregates.

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