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Other Cementitious Applications

emplacing nuclear waste at the WIPP site in NM

ABOVE: Emplacing nuclear waste deep underground at the DOE’s WIPP site in New Mexico. US Grout Ultrafine was used to seal fractures (as small as 3 µm) in the saltrock vaults. BELOW: Pozzolanic Hydrated Lime plaster are made from lime and pumice powder to create a beatiful, breathable interior or exterior finishes. BOTTOM: Lightweight pumice aggregate bonding and pointing mortars are perfectly compatable with cast stone veneers: like bonding like.

apply PHL lime plaster over interior lath filling grout joints with lightweight pumice pointing mortar

THE SYNERGY between Portland cements and pumice aggregate, pumice sand, and pumice pozzolan delivers an impressive array of benefits in a variety of applications. And the combination of slaked lime and fine-ground pumice make sweet music in the form of beautiful lime plasters and breathable, sustainable hempcrete constructs.

Ultrafine Cementitious Pozzolanic Grouts

Microfine and ultrafine cementitious injection grouts, performance-boosted with pumice pozzolan, are enduring, cost-effective alternatives to chemical grouts and used in a variety of construction applications to stabilize and strengthen weak soils. Ultrafine cementitious grouts are also used to effectively seal cracks as small as 6 microns in concrete structures and rock, preventing water infiltration and blocking exfiltration into storage vaults containing volatile materials (nuclear waste) or valuable liquids (crude oil). Pozzolanic-charged grouts are a strong, economical, long-lived, and safe to use.

Visit the US Grout site for a detailed look at a pozzolanically charged ultrafine cementitous injection grout product line. Of particluar interest is the story of the development of this ultrafine cementitious grout by Sandia National Laboratories (for the U.S. Department of Energy). The US Grout site also details the various industrial applications for this multi-use grout, provides mixing instructions, and more.

Pozzolanic Hydrated Lime (PHL) Plasters

Natural PHL plasters are a blend of pumice pozzolan powders and lightweight pumice sand particle blends with high-grade slaked lime and other performance-boosting ingredients. It is a classic formulation that out-performs modern plaster equivalents and stands as an environmentally sound alternative to synthetic stucco and Portland-cement based plaster products. PHL plasters are the only option to finish wall systems designed to breathe—strawbale, hempcrete, adobe brick, and other earthen materials. Some commercial insulated concrete form (ICF) wall systems, like Faswall®, specify a lime plaster render to preserve the featured breathablity of the structure.

Visit the Earthaus Plaster site for a detailed look at a well-developed PHL plaster product line.

Lightweight Stuccos and Bonding Mortars

Pumice-based mortars and stuccos not only meet installation, performance and bonding requirements, they play the long game too: like bonding like. Meaning the pumice aggregates that bulk up the stuccos and mortars are the same lightweight aggregate used to make the cast-stone veneer pieces being bonded. Meaning the mortar reacts to climate and weather conditions (like freeze-thaw stresses) in the same way as the veneer units themselves. Meaning less weight-stress on the supporting substrate and structure from both veneer and mortar. Like bonding like.

Visit the HessLite Blended Products site for a detailed look at a product line of pumice-based bonding mortars, construction mortars, and stuccos.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Panels

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) products take lightweight mold-cast concrete and apply it on a grand scale. GFRC panels provide a beautiful architectural skin to protect building exteriors and finish interior walls and ceilings with fascinating, enduring detail.

Download a PDF of the whitepaper: Ultrafine Pumice Pozzolan for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Products.


—Download the Whitepaper: Ultrafine Pumice Pozzolan for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Products.

—Visit the US Grout website.

—Visit the HessLite Blended Products website.

—Visit the Earthaus Plaster website.